I have discovered an extraordinary healer! She happens to be the brilliant chiropractor, Dr. Jamie Stern. I have been in 7 car crashes and she has changed my mangled skeletal structure so much I am a new person.


The main reason I started coming here was chronic back pain. I had been suffering from back pain for 12 years. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Stern’s 5 months ago, I have noticed far less pain in my back, AND a recent auto accident resulted in a broken neck, along with other bones…only 15 weeks from breaking my neck, I am back to my normal active lifestyle. Sufficiently advanced technology does look like magic. Thank you!


The main reason I started coming to Dr. Stern, D.C. was because of my blood pressure and neck pain. I have been suffering for over 5 years. I have now been a patient since March and my blood pressure has already GREATLY improved!! I have no more neck pain, greater mobility, and I feel GREAT! Even pains I had forgotten about because they had been hurting for so long feel better!


My back pain was so severe, I found myself in the local emergency room where after a series of x-rays, and an MRI, I was hospitalized for 4 days. The physicians threw morphine and a host of other heavy narcotic medications at the severe pain with no success in stopping the pain. The pain extended from my lower right back, across my right thigh and into my knee. I became unable to walk without a cane and/or a wheel chair for more than just a few feet. All of a sudden I became a wheel chair bound old man with limited mental clarity because of all the drugs. My wife drove me to Dr. Stern’s office where she worked on solving my problem. It took 2 and a half weeks with me coming in on my cane and leaving with it collapsed over my shoulder (left one) before I was able to give my cane away to my son and throw away every bottle of pills. Thank you Dr. Stern!!!!!!!


I had a fall the August prior to my visit and was experiencing numbness in my fingers and toes. Additionally, I had ringing in my ears, but I have had that for so long, I didn’t associate that with my fall. I was most impressed by the way that the appropriate care method is developed using x-rays and the physical examination, which shows how one’s body is aligned or misaligned. This is not “we will try something that should work.” The NUCCA method is “this is how you are out of alignment and how we can fix that.” After the first adjustment, the numbness went away. It only came back once since then. But even better, the ringing in my ears stopped. A condition I thought I just had to live with is gone.


The MRI showed “minimal broad-based disc bulging” at C4-5 and “a left paracentral disc extrusion is noted,” at C5-6. This is what had been causing the numbness in my fingers, the pain in my shoulder and the stiffness in my neck. The neurologist recommended a course of steroids and physical therapy. If this didn’t resolve the issue then surgery, with disc fusion, would need to be discussed. The physical therapy amounted to traction and the steroids upset my emotional balance. And my symptoms weren’t subsiding. Through treatment with Dr. Stern and the NUCCA technique I am no longer experiencing the symptoms caused by the bulging discs. We have realigned my head on my neck, and never once have I been scared or concerned that we were doing additional damage to an already compromised situation. I am very grateful to Dr. Stern for her caring and gentle approach to a medical condition that could have had life changing consequences. Instead I have resumed all my previous activities with vigor and confidence, secure in the knowledge that I am being well treated, rather than just treated.


I started coming to Dr. Stern because I was experiencing low back pain and migraine headaches. I have had migraines since childhood and the low back pain started a few weeks after I fell down some stairs. After seeing Dr. Stern, the low back pain was resolved immediately. Additionally, Dr. Stern’s care had eliminated knee pain and was helpful with my overall health. NUCCA also helped with relief and prevention of migraines. I also feel that I am less irritable and better focused after my adjustments.


I went from extreme pain to tolerable pain with only 2 or 3 visits. Since then I have steadily improved. I no longer feel decrepit.


I had been in pain since 1991. I was unable to exercise and enjoy life to the fullest because I was always in pain. I have been a patient for 4 months now and my life has totally changed! I have more stamina and joy. Best of all…I am living pain free! I am now able to think clearly and I have an increased positive attitude. Additionally, I am getting better sleep, reduced allergies, and my muscle balance and muscle tone has improved!


I was experiencing back pain and a general discomfort in my body. I had been suffering for over 20 years before I came to the office. I have been seeing Dr. Stern for a few months and I feel great! My head is clear, my energy level has risen, and best of all…my snoring begun to subside.


After a few treatments, I went for two hikes in one week: one five miles, and the other eight. I had absolutely no pain or constriction in my left hip, no fatigue in my lower back. I no longer made a clunking sound when I turned from side to side, and my neck no longer needed cracking, either. I threw away my heel lift.