The QSM3 chiropractic approach to spinal health is very different than other chiropractic methods. It involves a very light touch to the first cervical vertebra to realign the spine, balance the spinal column and take pressure off of the brainstem, spinal cord and spinal nerves.

More about QSM3:

  • Extremely gentle
  • Highly effective
  • Based on scientific principles

Our Chiropractic Success Plan

The three-phase success plan is designed to:

  • Correct: QSM3 chiropractors identify the problem and fix the underlying cause of pain and discomfort, as the foundation of your healing.
  • Stabilize: Once the initial correction is made, we work to ensure the chiropractic correction holds.
  • Optimize: Our chiropractic team partners with you, the patient, in an active health program of nutrition, exercise and stress balance to strengthen the correction and speed the healing process.

The QSM3 chiropractic procedure has helped many chronic pain patients who had lost hope. It is common for our office to work with patients that have seen 10-20 other practitioners without success.

Better Health

As chiropractors we often hear, “They couldn’t find anything after all the tests, but I’m in so much pain.” There is new hope and real, lasting relief possible with the QSM3 chiropractic method.

QSM3 chiropractic care is different and Dr. Stern, D.C. is extremely committed to providing the best care possible. Don’t you and your family deserve the very best care?

Patients generally respond rapidly to the QSM3 procedure. The reason:  The better quality of the spinal correction, the better the recovery.

What to expect during a QSM3 adjustment:

If it is found that your body and posture are out of proper alignment following a consultation and specific postural examination, the QSM3 procedure can begin to help you start back down the road to recovery. Based on precise postural analysis, the doctor is able to calculate how to return the body to the proper position. The QSM3 procedure does not involve any twisting, cracking or popping of the spine. In fact, the QSM3 technique is so gentle most patients are unaware that the adjustment is actually taking place. During the adjustment, the patient is lying on their side while the doctor lightly contacts the side of the neck in the upper cervical region where the first vertebra sits.

How quickly does the QSM3 treatment work?

When the QSM3 procedure is performed, there is typically an immediate change in the body balance of the individual. As a result, the patient’s body is given the best chance to start truly healing . Once the doctor confirms the body is corrected, the patient is monitored over future visits to make sure the correction stabilizes. The benefits do not come from getting adjusted. They come from staying in alignment. Every body is different and require different amounts of care. The doctor will let you know in your particular case how many visits will be necessary for optimal stability of your correction.