Back Pain and Chiropractic Care in Sunnyvale and San Francisco, CADo you find that your back hurts so bad that you no longer enjoy activities that once made you smile? Has it stopped you from participating in events or going to gatherings simply because the added stress on it isn’t worth the aggravation?

When your back pain affects your quality of life, it is time to do something about it. Fortunately, Dr. Stern, your friendly Sunnyvale and San Francisco chiropractor, may be the solution to your problem.

How Back Pain Starts

There are a number of ways that back pain can start, but some of the most common include lifting something heavy, being involved in an auto injury or personal injury accident, having poor posture, and living a sedentary lifestyle. All of these can contribute to the pain you feel in your upper, middle or lower back, leaving you writhing in pain and looking for anything that will provide you with relief.

Other Back Pain Treatment Options

Several people turn to pain medications as a way to help them cope with their back pain, but this often creates even more problems. Not only does it not fix the problem, but the short-term effects may make you feel tired all of the time or give you “medicine head” and long-term use may result in dependence upon the medication, creating an addiction-like situation which only compounds the initial problem as opposed to treating it.

In some cases, some doctors recommend surgery for back pain, but this too comes with a price. It likely means several months out of work and because it is an invasive procedure, it has risks of its own. While not all medication and surgical options can be avoided, engaging in regular visits with your Sunnyvale and San Francisco chiropractor has no negative side effects and it is an all-natural way to heal your body.

Back Pain Relief in Sunnyvale and San Francisco

Regular chiropractic care with Dr. Stern will get and keep your spinal column in place, thereby fixing your back pain problem at the root. It helps your body heal itself and strengthens your immune system in the process, providing you with better health overall, making it a win-win situation.

If you’re ready to take care of your back pain once and for all, call Jamie R. Stern Chiropractic Corp in Sunnyvale and San Francisco, CA and schedule your appointment. Your solution awaits you!